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The Seth and Colby Show

Episode #0014

Some new images from The Last Jedi that are super interesting. Are the prequels as bad as everyone says? Is Episode IX in trouble? The first images of Josh Brolin as Cable are released. Are superhero movies all the same? A local Wichita business man is doing something super interesting. Seth and Colby still do not like the new theatre. American Apparel is no longer American.

Weekly Reset

Episode #0048

This weeks zswiggs remains solo in his hosting duties but he’ll soldier on and cover the three topics of Destiny 2 news that there is! Luke Smith is going to be the keynote speaker at PAX West. The new Prima Strategy guide may give away some spolier-y details. The new cover story in EDGE Magazine gives some insight into how much content we can expect at launch.

The Self Improvement Show Your Family Wouldn’t Suggest

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Talk Radio on the Internet About News, Movies, Politics

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News, Updates, And Rumors Surrounding Destiny

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The Hottest And Latest In Entertainment And Music

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Seth and Katrina Bring The Funny With A Zany Twist

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Evergreen Politics Discussion From All The Viewpoints

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